Tips For Making Try Outs

1. Get in shape.

The last thing you want on your mind is anxiety about achieving fitness goals. A great way to get ahead of this is by reaching out to the coach prior to pre-season and asking what fitness tests they typically run. Find someone you can work with to reach those goals.

2. Be a teammate first.

A great way to stand out to a coach is by being a good teammate. Compliments go a long way. Simply saying “great cross” to your teammate or
cheering on another player’s goal in practice shows that you don’t just care about yourself. This ultimately makes you more valuable.

3. Run your race.

Yes, soccer is a team sport and I am big on team building, but don’t get caught up in whoever you think might be beating you out. Focus on you and doing your best. DO NOT make enemies with someone because they threaten you. In fact, you should go out of your way to be friends with them, and learn from them!

4. Have fun.

This is overlooked! But the whole point of soccer is to play a game and games are supposed to be fun. If you have fun, you are going to play your
best, no doubt about it. Tryouts can be stressful. It’s important to remember why you are on the field.

5. Be helpful.

Ask the coach if there is anything you can help with before practice. Most coaches don’t want to spend their time pumping up balls. See if you can do it for them. After practice, be the first to help put the gear away, check the ball count, and do other housekeeping tasks.

6. Communication.

Introduce yourself to the WHOLE coaching staff, even assistant coaches, facilities managers, and everyone else. Let them know who you are if they don’t already.

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