Why you have to promote yourself to get to the next level.

The thought of promoting ourselves can seem braggadocious or pompous. We have all come across someone who can’t seem to stop talking about how great they are, their accomplishments or people they have met or how rich they are. I find myself cringing as I write this, remembering times I have seen others do this… or even worse: when I’ve done it myself.

However, throwing your “wins” in someone’s face is not promoting yourself, it is just bragging. The difference is the motive: when someone is bragging, they are often insecure, and that’s obvious from the beginning. On the other hand, when someone is promoting themselves, they are coming from a place of abundance and giving.

As important as it is to promote yourself, it is equally crucial to not come off as a cocky, selfish athlete. Instead, focus on what you can give to your program. You will improve your chances of making a lasting impression on a coach. For example simply stating that you were the lead scorer of your team for the last three years can easily sound cocky, opposed to saying something like, “I was lucky enough to work with my team and become the lead goal scorer for the past three seasons. If I come and compete for (name of team) I hope I can contribute in a similar way”.

Promoting yourself is also crucial because as the master of your own story, you know the kind of impact you can have on others. If you know that you are skilled in bringing team morale up, then express that with confidence. Such a skill can add value to a team. If you are focused on your diet and feel passionate about helping others improve their diet as well, go ahead and share that with your teammates.

Now I know it would be a lot to express this in one interaction or phone call with a coach and again it’s important to avoid coming off as arrogant. This is where your social media comes into play. Still I want to encourage you to speak up when you have the chance to. Oftentimes on an official visit there is a lot of small talk and it poses as a great chance for you to express who you are.


If you just had a track meet and won first place, post that picture of you on the podium and let them know. I’m not saying post just for the sake of bragging rights and exposing your win, but you do want to make it known that you are about your business. You are a winner and are proud to be a winner and won’t quit. A great way to ensure that your posts don’t come off the wrong way is by taking a moment and truly thinking about someone who helped you get that win. A simple caption such as, “Thanks so much to my coaching staff supporting me this season”, can tone down brag overload.

Being Yourself: The Key to Success on Social Media

Social media can also help fortify your identity as an athlete. If you look at the pages of professional athletes, most of their content is of their game and it looks professional (for the most part). If that is what you want, it is best to start associating yourself with who you truly want to become. If you want to be a division one or professional athlete, start posting like one. Act it to become it.

Please note this does not mean your pictures or videos need to be professional, however, it does mean you should take pride in what you are posting. With that being said, I truly believe authenticity is key. So as I mentioned in the “act it to become it” theory, I do not mean turn away from your inner self, instead, be even more you, while conducting yourself on a professional level.

In short, you are going to want to put yourself out there and make it clear who you are and what you want, so that when the opportunity comes your way, you are ready. Don’t change yourself, be MORE of yourself.

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