Adolescent athletes face a unique set of challenges when it comes to maintaining their overall health and wellness. As young people, they are still developing physically and mentally, and the demands of sport can be taxing. In order to prevent injury, burnout, or other negative effects on their wellbeing, a focus on holistic health is essential for adolescent athletes….

Growing up, soccer was not just a sport for me— it was a way of life. I started playing at a young age and quickly fell in love with the game. However, as the years passed and I became more competitive, my passion sometimes morphed into an insatiable hunger for success. Success was synonymous with scoring goals. I remember feeling like such a failure if I didn’t score enough goals in a match. But life had other plans. Two ACL tears and a major quad tear forced me to confront the thought that I had never considered before: who was I without soccer?

The thought of promoting ourselves can seem braggadocious or pompous. We have all come across someone who can’t seem to stop talking about how great they are, their accomplishments or people they have met or how rich they are. I find myself cringing as I write this, remembering times I have seen others do this… or even worse: when I’ve done it myself………….

It can be really tough managing  life as a Junior College athlete. Juggling homework,  games, team events, work, and a social life can be overwhelming. Something I wish I would have known earlier was how to properly prioritize my time!

1. Be your best promoter.

2. Become an asset to your coach/team.

3. Attend ID camps.

4. Video/film.

5. Suitability.

6. Don’t get caught up in divisions.


1. Get in shape.

2. Be a teammate first.

3. Run your race.

4. Have fun.

5. Be helpful.

6. Communication.

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